Are My Politics Showing?


Vest - AE; Top & Necklace - F21; Pants - swapped; Pants - Feet First; Bag - Matt by Matt&Nat.

I don't usually get political here on the blog, but I have to voice my dismay at our Mayor elect.  He is tearing our city apart at the seams, but I digress.  The issue I specifically want to address is the child care subsidy that he's hoping to get rid off.  Families already struggle with mounting child care costs and to slash even more funding is unfathomable to me.  These are the future citizens, leaders, thinkers, and business people of our country and you want to cut how well we *as a community* raise them?  So not only will we raise dumb people to lead our country, but we'll also make sure that the current citizens are stressed and overworked *or kept below the poverty line* by the lack of affordable child care.  Go mayor! *sarcasm fully intended*

True Story:
Yay!  My package from Ruche finally came!  I'm really hatin' on Canada Post.  These two shipments were unreasonably delayed and took twice as long as any other shipment - from anywhere, even Hong Kong.  Seriously, what up Canada Post?  You made me so sad thinking I would have to stop shopping online *read "at Ruche"*

2 thoughts:

  1. This outfit is so fall-ready! Especially the boots. I know what you mean about an incompetent mayor. We have a filthy rich mayor here in NYC that's totally out of touch with reality. And don't get me started on the education policies! He's appointed businessmen and lawyers to run the education system and never anyone who is remotely related to the field of education or anyone whose been in the classroom (I'm a teacher BTW). But I digress from complimenting your outfit... :D

  2. i love the outfit, very comfy!

    i also have an issue with mr. ford...he seems to think you can run a city like a business, slashing funds without any regard. and sadly, i do think if this keeps up, we will lose our sense of community.

    BUT aside from that, i hope you're doing well! :)


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