Random Sundays: By The Light Of A Dying Sun


It's getting dark earlier and earlier now.  Our afternoon walk by the pond ends up being at sunset, instead of in the midday sun. Though the bright green and heat are gone, there's still something very magical about the place.  Especially in the light of the dying sun. 

4 thoughts:

  1. beautiful photos of the sunset and your precious baby!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  2. Beautiful scenery, Joanna! I am envious of the place you stay:-). Fall is a beautiful season, with the cool air and changing colors. In fact, all seasons have their individual charm, and is a wonder and joy to look forward to. You guys are so lucky to have the four seasons!

  3. simply gorgeous. this post made me happy ;)

  4. Miin, thanks so much. The seasons are definitely different and beautiful, but I`d be happy without the brutal cold winters.

    Aubrey, I`m so glad this post made you smile!


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