Shorty, Too Shorty?


Cardi - H&M; Belt - F21; Dress - Ruche; Tights - Hue; Shoes - Payless.
Okay guys, I need your help today.  I like this dress, but lately I'm finding a lot of things, this dress included,  too short for my tastes.  So, I'm wondering whether to keep it or to sell it?  Do you guys think this is too short for me?   It's from one of my favorite online shopping places too - ShopRuche - so I'm even more loathe to part with it, but I really think I may have to.  I feel a little exposed in it.  If only I was two inches shorter it would be perfect!

On this subject of shortness, when are you too old to wear something really short?  I used to think that you're never too old to wear short skirts if you're healthy and they look good, but lately as I'm reaching a certain older age, I'm starting to wonder if maybe there aren't age limits on these things.  As I've said, I'm now finding certain items in my closet to be making me feel uncomfortable with how short they are.  Shorts, not so much, but definitely skirts.  Skirts and dresses.  

Thoughts?  When is short, too short?  And when, if ever should you retire those short things?

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  1. I dont think its too short for you, i like it, but it is up to you, if it makes you uncomfortable then dont wear it, dont force yourself

  2. You look good in that dress...I would keep it if I were you.

    I struggle with the shortness problem too. I love so many skirts and dresses that I'm afraid are uncomfortably short! Adding tights or leggings helps a little bit.

  3. I don't think it's too short! Especially if you are wearing tights with it! But I agree with Lynnette, don't wear it if it makes you feel uncomforable!

  4. Thanks guys! These are all really helpful. I just discovered that there's a large hem at the bottom, so maybe I could figure out a way to let it down and make it longer. I'm working on that right now.

  5. I agree with the comments. It doesn't look to short but I LOVE short skirts. I definitely think it looks appropriate with tights paired with it.


  6. If you hadn't made a point of it in the post, I would never even have considered that the skirt might be too short. It's not, even after consideration. Looks quite nice. :)

  7. my rule of thumb (which was my school's rule of thumb) is that if when you put your arms flat at your sides, and stretch your fingers, if the dress/skirt is past your fingers, you're safe. :)
    this is generally my rule of thumb now as well. i tend to aim for 33"+ on online dresses, which is the shortest i can go, but i'm fairly tall. :/

    i think yours is safe. especially with tights. :) i have a lot of 'tights only' dresses.

  8. ps, that being said... i've learned if i'm questioning an article of clothing, i tend not to wear it. so maybe selling it, making some cash, and buying a more comfort-zone dress is the way to go.

  9. I think that ultimately, no matter what anyone says, you're always the deciding factor of whether or not a skirt or dress is too short. When I first started wearing skirts and dresses, I was unsure of what length I was comfortable with and ended up buying some items that were too short for my comfort level later on. I get super paranoid of my hemlines, especially since I'm a high school teacher. I don't want to look too young and unprofessional. But back to your dress. I love the print. Is there anyway you could un-hem it because sometimes there's an extra inch of fabric tucked in there.

  10. I have your solution-wear another skirt underneath! Just make sure the skirt follows the same flow (like you wouldn't want to pair this dress with a tight A-line skirt, opt for flowy gathered/full) I've had this problem a lot, and this is my solution! It's mostly because of my personal beliefs about modesty that I don't wear skirts any shorter than right at the knee. Hope this helps! Drop by my blog sometime!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  11. Why does the length of your skirt make you uncomfortable? If it doesn't suit your lifestyle, then sell it. For example, when I'm babysitting my nieces and nephews, even a few inches above the knee is a too-short hemline for bending over and carrying little ones around. I want to concentrate on having fun, not worrying about whether my butt is hanging out, so I wear those skirts on other, kid-free days.
    On the other hand, if you're not comfortable because of concerns about age and hemlines--well, that one is totally up to you! There aren't any rules you need to follow. You look lovely in the skirt, and I think you're spot on in asking for some honest feedback.


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