Would You Live Stream Your Labor?


There's this couple that have become infamous on the internet because they live streamed the birth of their youngest child.  When I read this I didn't know how to feel.  I don't think there's a problem per se with streaming a live birth, it's certainly better than some of the other crap I've seen, but I'm sure that I wouldn't want to do it.  Birthing was such an intimate and personal experience that to stream it live for anyone to watch seems like a violation of my family's privacy.  But at the same time, it's very brave to let so many people into your lives to see something very beautiful.  So, I'm back to not knowing how I feel about this.

What about you?  Would you live stream your birth?

3 thoughts:

  1. Definitely a no for me! I agree with it being a personal experience and to allow so many people into that experience ruins it for me, I am uncomfortable enough as it is in a bathing suit, let alone showing everyone the birth of my child. To me it violates my personal space and It would shatter any happy feeling about it. But in all fairness I am very conservative and VERY uncomfortable being so open around people especially doctors. Thats my two cents, but more power to the family for their bravery

  2. Hmm considering I will give birth to our first child in 5 months, and I don't even want my husband to have a birds eye view of what will be going on down there.... I don't think I would stream it either hahaha!

  3. Birthing a baby is one of the few acts that still exist that make all of us equal. While I wouldn't want to share it with the entire world, I don't think it is a strange thing to live stream it. I teach reproductive health to middle school students so it isn't much different than watching the video about birth that the kids watch. Birth really is just that...birth.



Let me know your thoughts!

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