I Hate Christmas Shopping


Dress - boutique in Brugges; Tights - Hue; Boots - Feet First.
I forgot to do my hair for these pics.  I'm so sorry!  I was working off about four hours sleep and totally forgot that I left my hair in a pony.  But you guys understand, right? *please say you understand, please say you understand, please say you understand*

I used to despise Christmas.  Why?  Because I hate Christmas shopping.  I love giving gifts and I love spending time with family, but I refuse to go to the mall on a Friday or anytime during the weekend because I can't stand crowds.  So going Christmas shopping every year was a stressful and unpleasant ordeal.  I always made sure that my shopping was done by December first so as to avoid the holiday crowds.  But now all that has changed.

I love Christmas shopping.  Why?  Because I can do it all online!  I bought my Mom's gift on ebay, my sister's gifts on F21, my nephews and Baby on Toys'rus, and Husband's on a website subscription service.  Love it!  Husband also took care of almost all his shopping online too!  This is my kind of gift giving.  I can do it at home, peacefully, with a cup of tea and I don't have to face crowded shopping malls or hectic lines.

This has made my holiday season.

p.s. check out some of my favorites pics from my recent promo shoot.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  

2 thoughts:

  1. this is the first year I just went online. looking for my brother but ended up scorng for the whole family and the best part? they all said shipped by morning! ya!
    I love that outfit. love.love.

  2. I hate crowds and LOVE online shopping so this is the same way that I have made it through the holiday season to.

    Such a cute dress!



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