Reverse Raindance


Sweater - F21; Dress - Ruche; Tights - Hue; Boots - Petite Pieds.
These rain boots are magic.  Honestly!  Every time I wear them it instantly stops raining.  They're like raindance shoes, but in reverse in that they stop the rain.  Then, when I came inside for the day and put these boots away, it started raining again. You think I'm joking, but the last seven times I've worn them in the rain, it stopped raining within 10 minutes.  Honestly!

Oh, and I absolutely adore this dress!  It's so perfect and magical and I love the simple horse print on it.  The material  is a soft silky type that feels just so decadent and indulgent.  And the subtle sweetheart neckline with a cross-over back is flattering on everyone! *when it's warm enough outside to wear it without layering of course, like here*  I originally got it from Ruche here, but they only have a couple left, so you can get it here, from Modcloth, too *especially if you're looking for a medium*, and if you like the idea of black and pink, get the dress in this color from ShopSosie instead!  

p.s. no I didn't wear the same tights two days in a row.  I'm just a little behind and disjointed on outfit shots.  I wore them two days apart.

p.p.s.  Check out some behind the scenes shots that the fabulous make-up artist took at my latest shoot!  

True Story:
Baby chased the dog around the ottoman today for about 15 minutes. 
Then I chased Baby around the ottoman today for about 15 minutes. 
Our house is really exciting.

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  1. Hi Joanna, how do you trace the dress to so many other shops? I wanted to get a maxi dress from modcloth but it was OOS, so wonder if there is a way/website that help us search for items. Many thanks, and I love your dress too:)

  2. Love the dress with the boots! So cute. Hysterical ottoman story:)


  3. @Miin, I actually do it all in my head. I have a weird photographic memory that allows me to remember tons of things like that, so I just link it all up on the post. No service, just my oddly functioning brain.


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