Random Sundays: Office Space


The wicker baskets are from Walmart, and the rest is Goodwill and DIY restored.

I tweeted a while back that I was working on creating a new home office space for myself.  I was desperately lacking storage and and my tiny one drawer desk just wasn't cutting it.  So armed with very little cash and a fierce determination I set to task.

First, I found a used desk off Kijiji, where someone was selling it off for super cheap ($130).  It came with two large storage areas and a hutch.  Then I set about creating a fun storage space.  Choosing a white, blue, and silver color scheme I set off to Goodwill *a second hand store* to pick up some things I could turn into creative storage areas.  I picked up mugs, glasses, wicker things, and large bins - and all of it came to about $15.  

Then came the DIY part.  One can of white primer and one can of silver paint, and a lot of taping.

Some items primed.

Before: a box taped up and ready to be primed.

After - silver and I decided to keep the gold.

Before - plain wicker kitchy duck

After - silver and fun.

Before: old rusty and wicker mail sorter.
After: sparkly!

Before - three simple mason jars.

After - silver and shiny!

Bought a new fun mousepad off ebay for $7.

Here's the complete desk and storage creation.

I decided to use an old canvas above the desk as a corkboard type thing where I can display some of my favorite pics from shoots I've been in and shoots I've shot.  As well as my recent amazing showing my first time learning to shoot a gun.

I'm pretty happy with it, and I like the whole shabby chic look of everything.  It's really cool that everything was used and re-used and nothing is new, but it feels new to me!

3 thoughts:

  1. Awesome work and very creative, I especially love the silver and gold box :]

  2. You did a great job! I love taking things from the thrift store and turning them into something cool (and sparkly). :)

  3. oooooh i love your office space!!! that is such a good idea! i will have to do this myself someday


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