Saturday Smiles: Good Stuff!


Hat & Leggings- F21; Arm Warmers - Ruche; Top - Trixie in Toronto; Dress - H&M; Leg Warmers - ?; Shoes - Thrifted.
Chocolate is officially off the list!  Only because I'm banning it, not because it doesn't make me smile.

  1. The commercial shoot I did earlier this week - felt good to be on set, and felt great to book the first audition my new agent sent me on. 
  2. Red Earmuffs!
  3. Grandparents - thanks to which I could go to auditions, callbacks and shoots! 
  4. Foot massages - with the whiny baby I've had this week these have been a lifesaver.
  5. Days spent bumming around in slubby sweatshirts *see picture above*

True Story:
Baby and I both have tea *mint tea* in the afternoon, me in my mug and her in her antique china teacup. 

5 thoughts:

  1. You sent me your leftover chocolate, didn't you? ;)

    Baby & the tea cup? Adorable.

  2. Love this outfit!
    Thanks for linking up! : )

  3. I never look this cute when dressing for the snow!

  4. well your just to cute! thanks for linking up with us today!

  5. So precious! Love your baby and the teacup!! Thanks for linking up!


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