Man o' Bear


Dress & Boots - Threadsence
Belt, Socks, Necklace & Hat - F21

I'm a bit obsessed with the show Man vs Wild right now, and this week I'm grieving the loss of Bear Grylls as the shows lead.  Contract negotiations caused Discovery and Bear to go their separate way and I'm really sad because to me, he totally made the show.  But on a bright note, I still have several seasons of Bear to watch on Netflix.  Also, recently Andrew has gotten into it as well.  I think it's because I may have said something about Bear being my current crush...maybe.

Quote of Today:
"Smack Mommy's bum bum!"

6 thoughts:

  1. just quietly, man vs wild is awesome!
    ...aaand i totally wish i was a hat person like you, but i just look funny with one on :(

  2. love the whole outfit. it's so casual, but cute and put together!!

  3. You look FABULOUS in this outfit!

  4. I know!!!! What are they going to do without him??? Also, this dress is super cute and I love the beanie!

  5. love the outfit, casual chic

  6. this is a lovely outfit, you have great taste in style and jewellery! x


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