Some Kind Of Wonderful


Blazer - UO
Top - Ruche
Pants - Jacob
Shoes - Payless

There's nothing I haven't told Andrew about.  No deed, no word, no act.  Whether good or bad, he knows it all.  Whether he wants to or not. And still he's married to me.  That's some kind of wonderful. 
Ok, that's a lie.  
I didn't tell him about the $9 shirt I bought on sale at H&M last week. 

 Quote of Today:
"I've got a poop waiting for you!"

4 thoughts:

  1. How sweet! The same is true with Patrick and I . . . especially the secrets/downplaying of the shopping I do. ;-) LOL at your quote of the day. I love these trousers on you!

  2. love your blog! id love to swap buttons with you- let me know if you're interested!

  3. perfect combination for this shirt! i love it! nice blog, do you want to follow each other?


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