Trifecta of Flattery


Top - H&M
Cardi & Jeans - Gap
Necklace & Shoes - Ruche

Soooo...I'm a sucker for shameless flattery.  Yup.  I've figured it out.  People who shamelessly flatter me, not only get exactly what they want, but they also put a true rosy hue on my cheeks.  I can say 'no' to a strong case of the compliments, but I often don't.  Flattery, chocolate, and a foot massage are pretty much the trifecta of getting me to do something for you.

Crap.  Andrew reads this blog...which means I'm going to be doing a lot for him. But it also means there's a lot more chocolate and foot massages in my future.
I can live with that.

True Story:
Baby's been obsessed with Grapefruit!  
She has at least one a day - maybe even one and a half.  
But don't you dare try to give her an orange! 
She's having none of that.

5 thoughts:

  1. Great necklace, the perfect piece to spice up a casual outfit.

  2. Thanks so much for saying so Rachel!

  3. Loving this outfit! Something I would definitely wear and would be perfect for wearing in the classroom while teaching. The necklace in the perfect accent!

  4. You look totally beautiful!


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