99 Avocados On The Wall


Dress - Modcloth  (sold out - boo!)
Shoes - Payless

As the temperature rockets, my style gets simpler.  

With the high heat of summer upon us, the layers and additions come off, and all I want to do is spend my days lazing about in a simply airy dress, preferably by the beach, but we can't have everything can we? 

With the high heat of summer, my appetite becomes not simpler but weirder, so I end up inadvertently trying to determine how many avocados one woman can eat in a single 24 hour period.  Four so far, if you're curious.   Yesterday it was three.  I'm like the "99 bottles of beer on the wall" song.  Except avocados, and in reverse.  Who's betting on five today?  Anyone?  Odds are 5 to 1 for.  

True Story:
Baby girl was making googly eyes and smiling coyly today at a bunch of construction workers.  
And they reciprocated.  
I'm in trouble aren't I? 

4 thoughts:

  1. That dress is darling on you, and I bought an avocado to try and I think it went bad. I planned to try it, but I got scared. How does a grown woman go her whole life avocado free? Maybe this week. ;)

  2. That dress is really cute!


  3. I love that dress. I'm on my way to the website to see if it's back up for sale or sold out totally. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your dress and your hairstyle. Very pretty and romantic.



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