Wild Women Do What You Think Of Never


Jacket - Old Navy
Shirt - hand me down
Skirt - Mink Pink
Shoes - Payless
Necklace & Thumb Ring - F21
Safari Ring - Threadsence

I'm getting a bit more adventurous sartorially. *she says a little smugly* I'm actually a little proud of myself.  I used to never, ever wear leopard print - ever.  But then this vest was too appealing to resist and, well, once the barrier has been broken I think there's no turning back, because then this skirt here became to appealing to resist...and there's a tank top in a similar pattern that has me drooling.  So either I'm getting more adventurous, or I'm getting in touch with my inner wild cat.  

Either one works, really. 

p.s. While I was writing this post the song "Wild Women Do" from Pretty Woman was playing in my head.  Take from that what you will. 

Quote of Today:
"This hairdo is brought to you by Chez wet-hair-tied-up-in-an-elastic-all-night."

5 thoughts:

  1. This look is soo cute!
    I know its really hard to wear animal print items but when I do I always get compliments!


  2. Fantastic!!!! You are really rocking it. If I had seen this on the rack I would have shuddered, but seeing it on you and how it use flows so beautifully on your frame makes me totally reconsider it! It looks so fun!

  3. Leopard, when worn the way you have here-- subtle and not OTT, is the best!

    Be sure to grab the badge and thanks for linking up!


  4. Thanks for linking up! I'll be featuring this in Sundays link party.



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