On The Edge


Dress - somewhere in Europe
Boots - boutique Rome, Italy
Earrings - F21
Bicycle ring - Spotted Moth
Square Safari Ring - Threadsence

I'm feeling rather in between.  A lot of possibly great things are happening, and it feels like I'm sitting on the edge of a precipice.  I'm hoping that soon the tipping point will come and things will move forward with an unexpected momentum, but I'm weary that my expectations have reached too high and that I will continue sitting on the edge of the precipice - unmoving, static. 

Wish I could see the future.

p.s. Congratulations to Adrianna Prosser for winning the SuperHero Contest!  Check out her entry, and all the other ones here!

True Story:
Baby girl has spontaneously learned how to give props - full on fist and everything.  
Andrew and I are both scratching our heads as to where she picked that up!
Does she sneak out of her crib at night and go clubbing? 

5 thoughts:

  1. o.my.god. I am in love with eeeeevery thing you have on! those earrings! that ring! that dress! those boots!

  2. p.s. I think we are sitting on that edge together, but we just can't see each other. I am so nervous right now about a couple possibilities....gotta stay positive and trust your guts right!?

  3. What a lovely photo that first one is! And this dress is so pretty. Be patient. Things always seem to work out with time.

  4. LOVE this post. Something different about the dress, fence, gate....


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