If You Came To My House Unannounced...


Dress - BB Dakota
Belt - F21
Shoes - don't remember

...this is usually the state you'd find me in.  Sundress, hair tied up *or not* and some kind of nude sandal. *or barefoot depending on what I was up to*

I often wish I was like other fashion bloggers who have a photographer boyfriend, or the whole day to spend going to the perfect location to take artistic and nuanced photos with their tripod, but alas, I'm not.  I'm busy, often rushed, and consider a shower a cross between a necessity and a luxury.  So, unfortunately, sometimes all I can produce is a rushed picture of the dress I wore that day before I run back in the house to get on with whatever task is pressing upon me at that moment.  

If you came by though, I could manage you cookies and homemade iced tea.  
And a cute, cuddly toddler. 
That's pretty good isn't it?  

Quote of Today:
"Baked beans are not a fashion accessory."

8 thoughts:

  1. Love the outfit. I feel the same way about fashion photos. Its really hard for me to get good shots because my hubs is not the best photographer and kids are always asleep or eating dinner when the lighting outside is soft enough for good shots. lol. life.

  2. Exactly Mandi! You know what I'm talking about! haha!

  3. I'd much rather have iced tea and cookies than pretty pictures! I often wonder the same thing...how do they have the time to find the perfect spot every time!?

  4. I think you always have really good fashion pics. Besides, taking a long time on a shoot frequently sounds like a waste to me.

  5. Actually, I always like your photography. I have three kids, a full time job and I hate to have anyone but me take my pictures, so I can relate. It takes a lot of time and work to get 'er done but I think you do a great job and I love your pretty sundress!

  6. I don't even think you'd want to see me if you came to my house unannounced! You look adorable as ever though, doll!

  7. Cute dress! Your pictures may be rushed, but they are still better than mine. My 10 year old takes mine. ;-)

  8. I would be thrilled with the "cute cuddly toddler"!


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