These Are My Peeps?


Dress - Mystic (similar)
Ring - Ruche
Earrings - F21
Shoes - Payless

Sometimes I look around my neighborhood, shake my head, and think,"I live in a psychiatric community."  Take a walk with me: 

There's the shaking of my house because of you know what.  And the crazy couple that has occasional loud arguments - always at 1-3 am in the morning - and he throws her out of the house each time.  We have the requisite lecherous older man who seems to think no woman is off limits.  Then the couple with the dog who decorate their house like the holiday threw up on them *I love these guys by the way*

The guys who turn their backyard into one big party place with bonfires and torches every year.  Oh, and the house where the children are always naked. There's the small apartment building where they all seem to be related...sort of creeped out by that.  And the house with the two dogs that bark like they're on doggie steroids.  One of whom is also dipping into a stash of helium, I'm convinced.

We also see the guy who refers to Drake *all ten pounds of him* as "Killer" and not ironically.  There's the lady with the dog who always wants to tear your throat out.   The man who fishes in our local pond daily at 8am.   And a guy who spends his day standing on his front lawn *I have no idea why*

I'm not sure if I'm the straight man out, or if there's something I'm just not seeing and these are really my peeps, you know?
Maybe I'm the crazy woman who takes pictures of herself. 

Quote of Today:
"LPs are like shoes to you."

12 thoughts:

  1. Haha! Yep, they are probably
    Ike, what the hell does that woman DO with all of those photos of herself?! Lol, you fit right in. ;)

  2. Popping over from Transatlantic Blonde! I absolutely love that dress its such a pretty colour on you :-)

  3. I like that dress and the color too. You look chic!

    Kim, USA

  4. I adore that dress and your ring is fab too!

  5. we just moved to a condo and I feel like I get crazy -lady- who- takes -pictures -of- herself looks too. Our old house was in the woods and no one could see us. So it was no biggie that I was laying on the ground taking a picture of a hair bow, or ethan taking pictures of my outfit. Now people walk their dogs past me and are like o_O

  6. Just found you from Grin and Barrett! Your neighborhood sounds like endless entertainment!

    Kara – Come check us out, we are making the most of life!

  7. Love the green! Our neighbours once hung a giant hot pink sheet from their window that said:

    "Jealousy will get you nowhere the TVs are legal ha ha"

    Riddle me that!

  8. Wow, that's quite a neighborhood you've got there! ;) At least you look lovely while in the midst of madness. That counts for something, right?! ;)

  9. such a cute dress :) wanna follow each other? :)

  10. Ha!!!! I'm the one w nekkid kids in my neighborhood!

  11. I love this dress! I know how to make that type, by the way. Its really neat now, that I can be like "woah I can make that" It feels weird.

    Anyway, usually when I take photos--and people ask me what I'm doing--I try to tell them that I'm a blogger. 9 times out of 10 they don't understand, but one time... I met another blogger at a coffee shop. Fun!


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