A Dress To Travel In


Necklace & Earrings - Ruche
Dress - bought in Spain
Shoes - Payless

Some items, like this dress, are just magical.  They transport us to another time and have so much history in them that you just feel completely different when you don them.  Every shift, every movement, every graze of my skin by this fabric remind me of something new long forgotten.  This dress was new when I bought it, but it spent so many days on the beach in Spain with me, so many sips of port on the Portuguese coast, so many rays of sunshine were imbued in its every thread while walking the paths of Greece, Spain, France and so many others that I can feel the sea, the wine, the memories in its very aura.  

Since then, it has become my travelling dress.  Every trip taken from the moment of purchase has involved this patch of fabric.  Not just because it travels well, but because I can't imagine taking a trip without my old travelling companion. 
Camera, passport, and a dress to travel in. 

*These are the last outfit shots hanging out on my computer from my B.C. trip.  I thought it was about time I posted them.  In the background there is Molly, the fabulous dog who was my Drake the Dog substitute while I was away.  Granted she's about three gazillion times the size, but just as cuddly.*  

Quote of Today:
"'Cause I'm watching men jump," said my Husband.

7 thoughts:

  1. That dress does look like a great travel dress!

    Julie @ Naptime Review.

  2. it looks like a very comfortable dress, and if it has the memories to go with that, then it must be awesome!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. Looks fantastic on you, darling!

  4. I just found your blog and I absolutely love it!!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  5. I'm loving your blog! your outfits & photos are so cute and happy and vibrant. This outfit is no exception-- I love the colors & it looks so summery and comfortable :)
    Oh, My

  6. That dress is truly beautiful, with a memorable pattern too!


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