I Wanna Be A SuperModel


Aug1Dress - Lace Affair  (sold out)
Vest - F21
Ring & Shoes - Threadsence  (sold out)

You know what's a really fun thing about being a wanna-be fashion blogger?  The fact that you have a legitimate *barely, I know* reason to play SuperModel in the backyard with your camera and remote control.

Frankly,  I'll take any reason to play pretend. *probably why I'm an actor*  And a chance to play SuperModel is too good to pass up!

Quote of Today:
 "These heels are floppity." 

5 thoughts:

  1. There's something fun about having a camera remote! I need to get one... any recommendations?

  2. The difference between you and a supermodel: you don't need crazy editing and 50 pounds of makeup to look BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Haha I second Joanna! You are beautiful!

  4. Isn't it fun to play supermodel? I love it!! :)


  5. Who's playin'? Girl you look like a supermodel! :) Rock it! I also want that vest.


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