Objects In Motion


Tee - Gap
Skirt & Belt - F21

An outfit with no shoes because I had no plans.  No need to leave the house and therefore no need to put on shoes.  It was a day when I could sit, and stop moving.  When the only exertion required on my part was that of a leisurely walk around the pond with Baby Girl.  And for that, whatever shoes were in proximity of the door sufficed.  It was a moment when things stopped for a bit. 

True Story:
I think it's becoming a habit, this stealing of my shoes.

7 thoughts:

  1. Very cute outfit. It looks so comfy!

    Do you ever wear pants? ;)

  2. Love this! I hope you can come link-up on my blog today and share your cute outfit.
    Wanderlust Wednesdays

  3. Those can be the best kind of days! I always have my shoes off when I am at home.

    Lovely skirt!


  4. Hi, I just landed here from the GFC Blog Hop. I'm a brand new follower. Great photo of the shoe thief. Adorable.
    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

  5. Thanks SO much for linking up today, it made my whole day. Hope to see more of your fun next week, same time and place. Have an awesome night!

  6. what an extremely cute outfit and so comfortable!!!! The last shot is soooo cute.


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