Too Legit To Quit!


Earrings, Necklace & Pants - F21
Rings - Threadsence and Ruche
T-shirt - Lucca Couture

My new obsession is Palazzo pants.  I mean how awesome are they?!  Loose, free flowing and totally comfy pants.  It's like suddenly being allowed to wear sweatpants in public! 

The best part was that for biking I had to tie my polka dot shoe ties around my ankles so as to not get the pants caught in the spokes and it totally made me look like M.C. Hammer in U Can't Touch This!  I'd like to think I'm just as cool and just as well accessorized. I've never met James Brown though.

p.s.  they are the best PMS pants ever.  Loose with an elasticized waist for those days that you suddenly feel like you're larger than the entire Atlantic and Pacific oceans combined.  

p.p.s. Did I mention the elasticized waist? 

9 thoughts:

  1. Um, I'm pretty sure I need a pair of pants like that!!!

  2. i do my hair like that sometimes. so easy to do!

  3. Omg! Love those pants!! You look good too! 2 legit!

  4. While I typically get ideas for my wardrobe from your posts, today I am too obsessed with the hairstyle to even think about the clothes. How does one do their hair like that? I need to know! : )

  5. those pants ARE awesome! & love your hair!
    Oh, My

  6. You seem to come up with new ideas just about every day. Wish I was that creative.

  7. Very pretty!!! You look lovely.

  8. Hi, I just arrived at your blog and I'm loving it! You have great style, and just like Lynne mentioned earlier, I'd love to know how you did your hair :) xx


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