Doctor Who and Other Things That Scare Me


Dress - UO
Sandals - Ruche
Necklace - bought in Montreal
Ring - Lulus

If you've been around for a while you may know that I'm a total scardy-cat.  Honestly, I jump at everything and have a total suspension of disbelief so that I believe everything I see.  If Andrew is going away on a business trip I have to stop watching certain shows a week in advance so that the fear won't be fresh in my mind.  And I'm not talking about The Walking Dead, I'm talking about Doctor Who.  Yup, the new campy, and sometimes scary Doctor Who.  

Yes, I go to bed afraid that giant farting monsters disguised as people might get me in my sleep.  
But on my behalf, "Blink", with the weeping Angels, was terrifying!  I screamed a few times during that episode. 

I also screamed while watching the clip I linked to here. 
Told you.

Quote of Today:
"Don't mind the little girl yelps. That's just me."

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  1. I'm a scaredy cat too!!! I watch America's Most Wanted, then get nervous about taking my dog outside after dark! HAHA!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  2. Mmm! I loved that dress when I tried it on and it was only $10! But it was too big. It looks amazing on you, honestly. I love the quirky print too.

  3. I liek this looks because it simple but it still gives a summer feeling

  4. OMG. There is no shame in finding the weeping angels terrifying. They are hands down the scariest creatures ever to have been invented for television (I hope, because if I don't tell myself that they're just television, I can't sleep...)

  5. Omg! I want to start Dr. Who so had but don't know where to start. Any suggestions? Still love that dress! Saw someone here in Fresno wearing it and I'm sure she thought I was a creeper because I kept looking at her! Lol I just wanted confirmation that it was ModaMama's!

  6. Oh my gosh. I like Doctor Who, but the weeping angels were absolutely terrifying! I get really nervous of break-ins.


  7. aww you're cute. Doctor Who is not new though. . .I've been watching it since the 80s but my dad has been watching it since the early 60s. It's great isn't it?? I can't watch it around my sons because they would get a little scared of the creatures both old and new.
    I LOVE your dress!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. AbsoluteMommy - I recommend starting either with series one (with christopher eccleston and billie piper) or season two (with david tennant and billie piper). The first few of the christopher eccleston are pretty cheesy and low budget, but they just keep getting better from there! You won't regret it!

  9. Love your dress. Love it! So adorable.



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