Groomed and Composed, Always


Tank - F21
Hoodie - George from Walmart
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - ModCloth

If you're trying to be a fashion blogger, one thing to consider is photos.  Good fashion photos showcasing your best side, you in your most elegant poses, and with properly placed limbs in order to best bring out the clothing is a necessity.  

Fashion blogging is all about creating a believable portrayal of the images you see in Vogue magazine:  elegant, chic and graceful.  It's about creating a dreamlike atmosphere.  A fantasy we all want to attain. That is why I endeavor to, at all times, present myself in the most groomed and composed manner possible. 

*In case you haven't had a coffee yet, let me note that today's post is brought to you by "A healthy dose of sarcasm."*

12 thoughts:

  1. seriously i Love these photos so much. the outfit is AWESOME and so perfect for this challenge AND you are just hilarious!!!!

  2. you. are. so. CUTE.

    love that shirt and those jeans fit so well.

  3. Love these photos and this look! Super fun and casual! I think it says a lot about you. Popping over from EBEW.

  4. This was funny! Love your Star Wars tee :)

  5. I'm stopping in from EBEW today, but I'm a regular reader- just wanted to say I LOVE your Star Wars tee. Super cute!

  6. stopping by from EBEW the star wars top and those faces...I had to stop by ;)

    I'm hosting a giveaway for $100 giftcard to hope you enter

  7. No absence of grooming or composure could detract from your beauty and style!

  8. Coming over from EBEW because I love a fitted graphic tee and hoodie! (basically all I wore in highschool) Commenting because you are too funny :)

  9. As someone who regularly wears my 4 Star Wars t-shirts, I adore your tank!!!!! It is wonderful.


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