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Jacket - Spotted Moth *old*  //  Shirt - Esprit  //  Hat - ??  //  Dress, Tights, Belt, Socks, & Pink Ring - F21  //  Boots - Ruche altered with my own belts and additions  //  Ring - Threadsence  //  Necklace - bought in Spain.

I love new shoes, but the fact is that shoes can cost a lot.  So to change up my shoes and make things look new, I decided to see what would happen if I took some belts and fabric that were lying around and changed my regular ankle boots into something new.  Something a little different.

Andrew makes fun of these, but I love the fact that they're a little different.  

True Story:
Baby Girl opens my nail polish drawer a week ago, and decides to move every single bottle.  
I'm getting dressed and just happy for the fact that she's busy and leaving me in peace.  
So she moves all approximately twenty bottles into Andrew's night stand. 
Apparently she's decided that's where they belong.   
A week later, they're still there.  
I guess he agrees.

5 thoughts:

  1. these are so cool!
    i love this idea. like a lot.
    can i pin it to pinterest?


  2. you are the cutest ever.

    and thats hysterical about all the nail polish!


  3. Very cute! And your daughter cracks me up. Kids are so funny.

  4. I love this idea!
    I'll definitely be doing this!


  5. Ooh these are SO fancy! I love them!

    I am stopping in from the Once Monthly Bloglonin' Hop at Paisley Boulevard! I am now following your blog via Bloglovin!!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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