Hair Tutorial: Easy Sock Bun


I know they're out there on the internets, but several of you have asked for it, so I'm posting the first of several hair tutorials I have planned.  Hope you enjoy this one on the sock bun!

To make the sock bun all you need is:

1. Hair elastic
2. Sock with the toe cut off and rolled up into a big donut.
3. Bobby pins.

9 thoughts:

  1. The sock bun is pretty much the best thing ever. It's my new go-to when I don't have time!

  2. This never made sense to me before. Because people never actually showed how to do it. All I've seen is "Ohh take a sock and roll your hair around it!"

    Needless to say that is NOT how it works.

    Thanks so much! Maybe One I day I can make this work!

  3. kyaaa
    i've learned from u again, mom <3
    love it, thank you for sharing x))


  4. Love this! It doesn't look too tough either, I'll have to try it out!

  5. Tried this recently with one of Husband's almost threadbare socks. The hair's too short. Boo. Looks great on everyone whose hair isn't doing a funky 90's grunge spike around the sock.

  6. This was SOOO helpful! I finally got it to work! =) Thank you! =)
    Alesha <3

  7. Finally a good explanation on how to do it :P I need to make myself one right away :)

    1. Glad that it's simple and straightforward. It really is easy and I think some people make it sound a lot harder than it is. So I'm glad I could de-myistify it.


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