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Leaving the checkout, I notice the lady in the next aisle looking at Baby Girl snacking on a single serving bag of chips shaking her head.  She then looks at me with a dirty look.  Totally ticks me off when women judge each other's ability to mother.  Lady, what do you know?

Yes, maybe once a month Baby Girl gets a single serving of chips all to herself.  There is nothing wrong with that.  And perhaps, you should compare our shopping carts before you shake your head at me.

Mine:  Kale, beets, cucmber, avocado, mixed nuts, bananas, almond milk, rice ice cream, apples, lemons, fresh chicken breasts, drumsticks, bag of basmati rice, cashew butter, eggs.

Hers:  McCain frozen meal, Frozen pizza, white wonder bread, big hunk of cheese, bag of cookies, sandwich meat, some frozen cooked meat, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoe.

I wasn't judging you before *because I just don't care*  but I certainly am now. 

You know what they say about people who live in glass houses right?
Don't be throwin' no s@#t around!

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  1. I'm not a parent, but I think you have to let your kids have a little treat once in a while. It's important to teach kids healthy eating habits, but it's also important to let them enjoy some snacks. My dad allowed my sister and I to have donuts for breakfast every once in a while and some how I turned out ok.
    Penniless Socialite

  2. HAHA I loved this! People who judge really get my goat. You have no idea who I am or what my life is like..and the little babe was just having chips! It's not like you were feeding her Snickers with a Coke. Yeesh!

  3. what's wrong with a bag of chips? goodness, these judgemental women are every where it seems like! so sad.

  4. We have gotten to be a rather judge-y, smug society lately, haven't we? Whatever happened to the idea of live & let live? Sigh.


  5. how rude of her! i hate when mothers meddle in your business with your children. i mean, if a child is being hurt then of course you should get involved and meddle but its a bag of chips! my goodness!

  6. oh my God,
    I mean, a bag of chips is okay since it's not going everyday meal for your baby,,
    anyway, you're so awesome. Follow you know, mommy,, hope that you can follow me back <3


  7. To be honest, I doubt the dirty look was about the fact that your kid was eating a serving a chips rather than you fed your kid in the store...

    I've found that people tend to be exceptionally opinionated over whether that's okay to do or not. Some people take the side of "Whatever to keep my kid happy and quiet" and others are more "It doesn't belong to you until you've paid for it at the register."

  8. What a judgmental ninny! You're a better woman than I, I would have said something rude.


  9. haha, I totally get this. I never have the balls to confront other parents when they give off those negative vibes, or make little comments, but sometimes I play out little scenarios in my head where I give them a good piece of my mind lol
    Oh, My

  10. Ew. What a B. Your cart sounds sooooo much better!


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