Dressember Roundup


Sweater - Old Navy  //  Shirt - hand me down  //  Dress - Lush
Tights & Belt - F21  //  Boots - Locale  //  Necklace - Ruche

One lovely reader mentioned in a comment that she has a belt like this and was looking for more ways to style it.  So here I am trying in my own limited way to help out by styling it again and maybe sparking some new ideas. Also, might I suggest checking out this post where it's paired with a high waist skirt?  Just trying to help out in my own very small way.  

So Dressember is in full swing.  I invite you to link up your favorite post, or a roundup post, or FB/Twitter/instagram, from this first week of dresses. *but just one please*  I'm excited to see how you fared this first week, so I'll be visiting all of you.

As always, it's not required, but I appreciate you grabbing the button and posting it on your site or on your post to help spread the word.  Thanks very much.


4 thoughts:

  1. Cute dress, I love that blue color!

  2. Oh I just love everything about this outfit! I am amazingly jealous. :)

  3. I really love how you style this. Very soft and feminine and almost woodsy in a way. The belt and the turq color are beautiful!

  4. Thanks for another styling option! I really like this blue combo. Checked out the other outfit too. You're so kind, Joanna...and well-dressed too! Loved the post about your wee photographer. What a laugh.


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