When You Get To Hit Someone With A Stick


Dress - Monteau  //  Top - hand me down  //  Tights - Hue
Shoes - Payless  //  Necklace - c/o Imprintalish

Andrew says to me, "I'll make you a deal.  You sew and fix my jacket and I'll give you a foot massage tonight."  Now, first off I get foot massages fairly regularly so I can afford to be a little cavalier about them.  Secondly, I have a dislocated baby toe due to something Andrew did so I'm already not feeling overly generous towards him. Therefore I say,"Fine, but I get to hit you with a large stick anytime you touch my injure toe."  Foolishly he agrees.

So later that night he says,"Let's get together and I'll give you that massage."
"One minute," I answer and walk upstairs.  Andrew settles himself on the couch and I return shortly with one of my Kali sticks in hand.  He thought I was joking earlier.  

Normally, he's terrible at remembering an injury. It's not the first time we've made this sort of deal and I know how this goes, therefore I had to add the 'stick' amendment.  But I think I'm really onto something as this time, with the looming threat of being bashed repeatedly with a weapon, he steers clear of the injury and the trade goes down without a hitch.

Frankly, I was a little disappointed.  I mean, how often does someone give you permission to hit them with a stick?

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7 thoughts:

  1. Aha that's too funny! I think I'd be pretty dissapointed to lol. Hope your toe heals up fast :0
    Mavy May Designs

  2. Haha that's funny. Brandon has a tendency to pull my toes and make them hurt during foot massages... no relaxing for me!

  3. Ha! This made me laugh. I would've been just a smidge disappointed, too. But I'm sure your injured toe was happy with the outcome.

    Love this striped dress. :)

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  5. Lol at the stick adventure, I love this dress on you.


  6. Hilarious! That sounds like the type of deal my husband and I would make haha. Love it!!


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