Impulse Control



 Pants - unknown  //  Sweater - Kensie  //  Top - Threadsence  //  Boots - Aldo  //  Hat - made by my Mama
Necklace - Lustre in Montreal  //  Bike Ring - Spotted Moth  //  Knuckle Ring - F21

Do you ever just want to smack someone upside the head?  Honestly, when did that go out of style?  I have at least three good instances in a week where I think someone just plain old deserves a good smack upside the head.  You know, a nice and easy, not too hard, smack just to shake some things around and hopefully uproot the common sense that has been lying dormant in there.  I know, I'm a very cheerful and optimistic person....I'm assuming that they have some common sense to shake up.  

3 thoughts:

  1. Joanna! hahahaha! I laughed and laughed and laughed so hard at this that my HM said "what is so funny?" So then I read it to him. He got a grand laugh too.

    Love this OOTD!!! and ...that cute horse necklace is adorable. You even have it on in your profile pic. nice.

    I can't vote again today! Urgh. I voted on Monday and yesterday. Why not? I thought I could vote once a day? no?

  2. I love this style! Comfortable but still really stylish.

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  3. Love the jewelry in this post!

    I'm following - would love if you would visit my blog also. Thanks!



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