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Dress - Trinity  //  Sweater - Darling via Emerging Thoughts  //  Scarf - Kensie  //  Tights - Hansel from Basel  //  Boots - Walmart

Standing out from the crowd is difficult.  How do you stand out from a crowd?  Other than running naked down the street flailing your arms, of course.  Don't try that by the way, the results are never good.  In theory it's all about being yourself, but in a crowd of people trying to stand out I don't know if anyone can ever really do it. With everyone trying to feel special in our society by seeking that recognition of being the "most" at something, I wonder if it's ever really possible to achieve it.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm in the crowd so I just can't see the way, or maybe I'm off to the side standing apart but not out, that I just don't get it.  But I don't. 

I can't help but wonder about that line from Hope Floats, "I'm just not special, and that's okay."  Maybe not everyone is meant to be special, and maybe that's okay. 
Maybe just being happy is enough.

 Ugh, ever have those days where you could just get your pretentious brain to be quite?

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  1. Being happy is enough for me :) I'm not that comfortable with standing out...you can see more from within the crowd ;)

    Love the blog design btw...and the location in your photos is beautiful!

  2. Joanna! Awh! Such beautiful photographs of your pensive mood. I love shots like that, not always cutesy but more realistic, ya know?

    I did vote just now again, but I forgot to on Tues and Wed. ... I'm a poop, huh?

    I won't forget again.

  3. hahahahaha. i voted another time on my smartphone/droid. yippee!

  4. I think what makes people stand out is when they really truly display their own sense of "me-ness", or "you-ness" however you look at it. That sounds obvious, but what I mean is finding a way to show yourself that really really resonates with you. For example, when I had my mowhawk, people would tell me all the time "That is SO you! It suits you SO well" and one guy even said "I don't know what it is, it's just, that hair is you. If you didn't have that hair, it just wouldn't be you." Many people have mowhawks. It's not the hawk that stands out, it's the person wearing it. My sister also preaches that tailored clothing is everything. When you have something that is made for you to fit your body, people know it looks good and you stand out. Because it is yours and no one elses.

    Longest comment ever. I hope it made sense.


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