Fringe in February


Sweater- C'est Moi via Trixie  //  Dress - 8000 Nerves via ModCloth  //  Tights - HUE  //  Boots - Feet First
Necklace - Threadsence  //  Belt - thrifted

So two things have happened.  One, I've gotten tired of February keeping me in pants with long johns or tights underneath.  And two, I finally got up the nerve to wear my ModCloth stylish surprise dress and in the middle of a frostbiting blustery day.  And I nearly froze my fingers off again taking these pictures.  So I guess that's three things.

Pardon the wrinkled nature of the dress.  I did have it on all day with the babe, through the ordeal of forgetting items and running back to the house then back to the bus, and a test shoot with a very lovely lady.  While we're on the subject of the dress, I love it.  It's one of those pieces I never would've chosen myself but now it seems to fit seamlessly into the shifting aesthetic of my style. 

If you haven't noticed ModaMama is moving ever so subtly away from sweet dressing and more into a boho style lately.  Maybe I shouldn't say it outright, maybe that's some bloggers faux pas, but I find myself drawing away from certain sweet items like Peter Pan collars in favor of fringe and loose fitting soft materials.  Who knows.  One thing I love about fashion is it's ever evolving reflection of the changing nature of our selves. 

7 thoughts:

  1. I'm not much into cold but your outfit is great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm into boho lately too! I love that sweater, too cute!


  3. pretty pictures, as usual. i love how the outfit pops with the white snow.

  4. I love that color! Thanks for sharing! I found you on the Thursday bloghop and I am now following. If you have time to check me out I'm at

  5. Thanks for participating in the giveaway at Lena B's :) I love the outfit today!


  6. It sure do look super cute but it should be chilling out there! Aren't you freezing? That necklace looks very unique.


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