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Top & Bracelet - Brandy Melville  //  Pants - hand me down  //  Scarf - street stand  //  Necklace - Threadsence  //  Boots - Locale

If you passed me on the street right now, what you'd see is that bundled up lady in the second picture pushing a covered up grumpy baby, but of course those of you on the web usually only see the first picture there.  It's clearly a projected self image that, while true, is not representative of the whole picture. *pardon the pun*  It's like FB or twitter.  The rates of depression have soared because of social media where everyone presents their best selves, the image of the selves they would like to be project to the world, and that makes us all compare ourselves to these false representations of people.  No one can live up to that. 

You never see that the woman jet setting around the globe cries herself to sleep at night.  Or that the man with the perfect family is swimming in debt. Or that our favorite blogger who looks so cute or does so many crafts is in pain all the time.   Nor should you really since social media is public and we don't air our dirty laundry in public or on the street.  But my point is that as hard as it is we should never compare ourselves to people on FB, twitter, or blogs, because we don't see the truth behind the pictures.  

Your life is good, warts and all.
Here endeth the lesson

3 thoughts:

  1. Love the honesty, I think that there is nothing better than the real (sometimes ugly) self that we are. I will say that bundled or not the outfit is adorable as usual.

  2. And it was a much needed lesson...thanks for the reminder! <3

  3. I needed that. I keep thinking "im not as good as her" and then I just stop visiting. It is very true that people show off they best, not worst.



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