MIA with Baby Pictures.


Sorry I've been a little MIA lately.  It's been busy with bookings, auditions, etc etc.  Plus, it's also been either pouring or snow storming which, well, does the exact opposite of motivating me to go out and take pictures with no coat on. But I'm back in full force tomorrow because really, what's a little frostbite between friends?

Hopefully, some cute pics of my girl cookin' and finally letting me put her hair in a ponytail will get you to forgive me.  If only for 20 minutes.

8 thoughts:

  1. Something about that first picture makes me smile.

  2. How sweet! Penny refuses to let me put her hair up anymore. And she looks soooo cute in a ponytail, makes me sad.

  3. What darling pictures. I love cooking w/my little ones. And best of luck on your auditions. I hope they all went well. xo.

  4. aw you are sweet. and she is darling

  5. The first pic remembers me Oliver twist asks for more! :D anyway, this is so cute!

  6. What a cutie, and love the Mr. Men. Thats a big hit in my household too.

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Rose


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