Coat - UO  //  Scarf - Kensie  //  Sweater - made by my Babcia  //  Jeans - Gap  //  Boots - Le Petite Pieds
Geez!  Seriously, it has not stopped pouring lately, except when it's decided to snowstorm.  It stops raining for that.  Yup.  Loads of fun here, I tell you.   I've gotten to that point.  You know the one, where it's been cold for so long, and you've been layering for so long, that you start to hate the clothes in your closet 'cause you're just going to have to layer and layer and layer.  *Side note: If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you live in a perpetually warm climate and I kind of hating you a little bit right now.  Just a little bit*  But yes, I've hit that moment ladies and gentlemen.  I've hit that wall right smack with my forehead with the power of a resounding, "Thud!" 

And it's only February.

p.s. Wanna see me be sort of funny in a self-tape audition?  

5 thoughts:

  1. SO ready for the end of winter! Love that scarf :)

  2. I love your boots but I think I will stick with my slight warmer weather.


  3. I so feel your *thud*. I finally bought a bright coat and scarfs just because I hated never having anything "cute" on when I went out, since all of my cute stuff got buried under more layers! Hopefully Mr. Groundhog was right and spring will be here soon.

  4. I'm itching for summer weather!

  5. Oh Joanna! I am sad that your weather is so yucky. Ours is finally not to "cabin fever-ish" and I feel like going somewhere and not being FROZEN, and your weather is crap. I hate when my friends are sad.


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