CoffeeTalk Vlog: Vegan...Sort Of


Hey guys.  So we're more Vegan here, and you can watch the vid to find out a little bit about why.

Also, here's the links to the cookbooks I mention :  ReFreshFresh, Juice For Life, and Veganomicon.  And the mask on my face is Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque.

2 thoughts:

  1. As someone who has been vegan for over 6 years, I think it's wonderful that you're leaning more towards a vegetarian/vegan diet.
    We just took my Mom to Fresh last weekend and she really enjoyed it, so I'm planning on getting one of their cookbooks for her.

  2. We have been eating less meat and more vegetarian for about a year now and love it! There are so many good meals you can make with beans.


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