I'm Bringin' Color Back


Skirt- Ruche originally but altered by me  //  Cardi - hand me down  //  Top -  Lucy Love from Trixie in Toronto 
//  Tights, belt, and necklace - F21  //  Boots - Locale.

I'm really trying hard not to let the dreary winter drag me down.  So I put on my bright tights and stripey skirt and decided to try to bring the color and dresses in.  It worked, until Baby Girl in her stroller started crying, "No pictures!  It's cold!"  My sentiments exactly.  

Oh and I bought this skirt on a super crazy blowout sale on Ruche last year.  I wore it a few times, but essentially found that it was a little too long for my tastes for such a fun skirt.  So I upped the hem, and now I see this as being quite the staple in my Spring wardrobe.  *If only Spring would hurry its buttocks and get here already!*

Quote of Today:
"It's been a while since I've found porn videos in my yard."

6 thoughts:

  1. So you are so adorable you make my closet jealous for your awesome clothing finds and amazing color/pattern skills!

  2. I looooove your skirt! You're so gorgeous!

  3. I love those tights! You've inspired me to pull my bright tights out to brighten up the month. :)

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  5. Stunning as always Joanna! I've been a little absent from blog reading lately but am catching up on your outfits!! I hope you'll participate in my Six Piece Remix challenge that launched today! I'd love to see a friendly face!!

  6. I love this! You look fabulous in color. I think I like to wear color even more in the winter, because of how dreary it is. Nice way to insert some sunshine. ;-)



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