Over and Over


Top- Wallis via The Bay  //  Vest - AE  //  Scarf - Only via Trove in Toronto  //  Cords - Le Chateau
 Boots - Locale  //  Necklace - Ruche  //  Sunnies - F21

You know, my pictures haven't been working out the way I want them to lately.  I'm thinking it might have something to do with the fact that I freeze so much and my fingers become stiff from the cold and all I can think is, "That's good enough."  I can't wait until it gets a little, just a little, warmer so I can take some time and get the shots that I imagine in my head.  

My days have not been at all interesting because I've spent them in rehearsal or sitting with a sick toddler on my lap.  Mostly sitting with a sick toddler, watching the same episode of Dora over and over and over....and over.

But enough about me.  I'm really boring right now.  What are you doing in anticipation of Spring?

5 thoughts:

  1. omg i am just itching for spring weather, too. i totally hate getting out of the house and doing anything when it's cold. my weekends are so much more eventful when it's warm outside.

  2. Oh I am loving the background in this post and way your outfit goes with it. That isn't at all boring. Are you using reverse psychology on us? You are anything but boring!!! (hug)

  3. love that blouse lady! that scarf is cute too, i totally feel you! I can't wait for warmer weather :)

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  4. Pretty! I like the way the necklace echoes the print in the blouse.

    Do you set up a tripod to snap your own photos? It's no wonder you're cold, doing all that!! Sounds like you and baby girl need some cocoa. And a new episode of Dora :)


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