Hair Tutorial: Princess Leia Double Buns


Whether you want something whimsical, or you're trying to get some cosplay in, doing these Star Wars Princess Leia buns can be a great hairstyle to have in your retinue.  It's really a very simple variation on the sock bun, and if you need more details on how to do that, check out my Sock Bun tutorial here.

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  1. Wow, you really actually look a lot like Princess Leia! Beautiful look and awesome tutorial. =)

  2. Thnak you! Would this work on a little girl with thin hair? My 4yr old wants this done.

    1. Of course it will. You just need to adjust to her size. As in, use one of her old socks to create the sock bun, not your own, and use elastics that are scaled down to her size. It also helps to choose a sock color as close to her hair color as possible that way if any peeks through it's not super noticable.

      Please let me know if you have ANY other questions!

    2. I attempted it. Her hair is so thin it just kept falling out :( Maybe thinner socks?

    3. Maybe even smaller socks too - any older ones she's too big for lying around? Also, it's not exactly the same style, but a close second would be to do the two ponytails, and then instead of the sock bun, turning them into two small buns on the side. And call it "Baby Leia" - then she can grow into adult Leia.

  3. PERFECT for my Leia costume for the Disney Princess Half in a couple weeks....THANK YOU!

  4. Best beauty blog I have EVER seen. Simple visual instruction, quirky expression, no dialogue and fun, fun, FUN music. If I was a producer, I would hire you in a heartbeat for guaranteed success. Very best of luck to you. I will happily share your blog with everyone I know!!


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