Maxis Hold Little Secrets




Chelsea Verde Maxi Dress - Ebay  //  Jacket - I forget  //  Bag - Target  //  Necklace - F21

Boho maxi dresses are just sublime.  I love the wonderful assortment of patterns, the swish and swirl as you walk and turn.  There's something deeply satisfying in the weight of the material moving through the air with my movements.  Almost a secret dance known only to me.

Also, there's a great ease to them.  For Winter, leggings and tights are easily hidden underneath for warmth, and sweaters just layer perfectly on top.  The sweep and drama of bold colors and patterns make it look like you tried really hard - that's another secret.

2 thoughts:

  1. It's no secret that I love this maxi. ! It's like your dance should be in a Chinese New Year Parade, - but you could also be mistaken as a mermaid! <- A good thing - love the colors.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, this dress is pretty awesome. I love the boldness of the colors.


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