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Leopard Maxi Skirt - Mink Pink  //  Sweater - Guess  //  Jacket - Le Chateau  //  Boots - Aldo  //  Leaf Necklace - F21  //  Eagle Necklace & Rings - I forget *old*

....how about bringing it all together?   The previous post was about maxis, and the one before that was about faux fur, somehow it feels like the perfect third part to bring maxis and faux animal into one outfit and one post, with this maxi leopard print skirt.

You would think genius like this is pre-planned, but you'd be wrong.  Yup, this three parter is brought to you entirely by happenstance and the weird, idiosyncratic workings of my mind.  I mean, er, yeah I totally planned this.

Aaaaaand, that's the end of the genius.
It was very short lived.
Also, debatable if it was actually genius, but we'll just give me that one, shall we?

4 thoughts:

  1. You look awesome! Leopard + anything black = My favorite!!

  2. this is so cute! I love that skirt. you must have squeezed these pics in before everything turned so white....

    1. I squeezed in a few just before that huge thing hit. Boo - urns to that!


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