Limited Time, and Reading My Mind


Lace Top - Ruche  //  Sweater - hand me down  //  Jeans - Lucky Brand  // Boots & Natalie B Necklace - ThreadSence

Apologies for the lack of photos today.  There are legitimate reasons.

One being that I'm very picky with photos and therefore dislike the majority that Andrew takes when he takes my shots.  I prefer to tripod self-timer it, because that way I get exactly what I pictured in my head.  It's very hard to get someone to read your mind, I'm still working on it.

Two, it was so freaking cold outside that day.  I had only about two minutes worth of fortitude in that wind and weather and as we all know, good photos take time.


p.s.  You can totally tell in that full picture that I'm freezing my butt off.

2 thoughts:

  1. ...this made me laugh really, really hard. My Mr is always trying to "help" with taking pictures and I have the same reaction of "Uhm, no, it's ok...I'll just use the tripod..." Poor boys.

    1. Glad to make you laugh ;) And yeah, it's a tough one for them.


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