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Raglan Top - Spell Designs  //  Blazer - Zara  //  Jeans - Gap

A bad cold all week *read: snot, coughing, and other yuckiness* plus -24 degree temperatures outside meant that I've been living in PJs and fleece pants in the house.  And knitting. I've been on the couch binge watching Law & Order: SVU and knitting.  I know how to party y'all!  
Or I know how to sit on my butt and be sick.  

But, this blazer, jeans, and graphic shirt combo was something I wore a bit ago to work on a photoshoot.  I was shooting the promo shots for a web series, and there's always that fine line that I have to tread in my wardrobe as a photographer.  

My clothes have to be functional - I move gear, balance, build, and twist myself into strange positions if need be to get the shot - but I also need to maintain a certain level of professionalism.  So, it's that balance of professional cool and functionality. 

And hey, a little personality doesn't hurt either. 

Here's an action shot from the day that my assistant took. 

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    1. Thanks. It's a fabulous fun blazer that makes me feel like a rock star.


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