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Kimono - Spell Designs via Turquoise Lane Shop  //  Top - Ruche *old*  //  Jeans - Dittos via UO  //  Necklace - TopShop  //  Scarf - SheInside

I know customer service.  I run my own business, and to me customer service is paramount.  There are many talented people who can deliver a wonderful product, and that's true of any business.  But what sets certain companies apart is their customer service.

I recently had a terrible experience with a company that shall not be named because I don't like to speak ill if I can avoid it.  Without getting into details, they did not disclose certain aspects of the product and were downright rude when I contacted them regarding it, and did nothing to resolve the situation.  The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth - metaphorically.  I will certainly never shop there again.

What's poignant is that at the same time I had an issue arise with Spell.  It was simply an unfortunate series of events, with no one being at fault per se.  They could have done what the other company did, which was essentially to say, "Whatever. What are you gonna do about it?" But no.

Not only did Elizabeth, one of the owners, contact me and make sure I was taken care of, but also Emma, one of the customer service reps, was methodical in her resolution.  They went above and beyond.  Above and beyond what I hoped, and certainly above what I expected.

By doing so, I felt like I was valued not just for my credit card number, but valued as a person who they want to have great retail relationship with.  I feel like customer service is about the bigger picture: knowing what your company's mission statement and attitude is towards others.  And Spell certainly has a very positive one.

Plus, the clothes are super awesome!  That Hendrix jacket on my dreamlist. And clearly, not even a snowstorm will stop me from wearing one of their kimonos.

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  1. You look amazing. Love that kimono. So classy and trendy OOTD. Love it!

    1. Thanks. I love my new kimono. It's just so breezy and I can imagine wearing it for a long time to come.

  2. Pretty in pink! And I really like the contrast with the jeans!

  3. I love the pale pink color with the lighter faded jeans! You look great
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx


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