What to Wear to an Indie Launch Party.






Lace top - FreePeople  //  Jeans - Gap  //  Belt - Lucky Brand  //  Scarf & Clutch - gifts from Poland  //  Necklace - Natalie B. 

Just before the mountains of snow descended upon us, before the weather fell to a painful minus thirty nine degrees celsius, before Toronto turned into the ice planet Hoth, I went out.  I went out and got some photos on a balm plus one degree day.  It's sad to think that I long for the warmth of plus one.

I stood there taking pictures for the launch party of another brand, and I remember thinking, "This isn't too bad.  I could handle this kind of Winter."  Oh what a fool I was.  I had no idea what was coming.  Every year around this time, the outfit posts slow, because I doubt you guys are interested in seeing the same pair of eyes peeking out from under the same blanket day in and day out...sitting beside a space heater.


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    1. Thanks. Yeah, my Grandma bought it for me somewhere in Poland. I asked for a traditional Polish scarf and I got the purse to go with it. Love!

  2. Wow those lcolorfull outfit , I love evrything you have, you look so pretty. Marvelous!!!




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