Peace, Hearts, and Cupcakes


Me and My Girl headed out on a Queen St. West date *for those of you not familiar with Toronto, it's one of many lovely neighborhoods with shops, cafes, and all kinds of other fabulous things* When asked what she wanted to wear, my Girl reached for her new favorite thing - her "peace dress" from as she calls it.

She's kind of obsessed with her new Melijoe dress.  She loves all the colors, and the hearts pattern, but mostly she just adores the peace crochet cutout on the back.  And she's constantly posing to show it off.  Except when faced with a chocolate cupcake. Then nothing except two chocolate cupcakes could rival for her attention.

I love the dress for the fact that it's a piece sign and y'all know I'm a big 'ol hippie.  But despite how intricate it looks, it's also really simply structured which means that it never gets in the way of all her shenanigans. Or cupcakes.  'Cause you know, priorities.



*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Melijoe.  Thanks for checking out the fabulous people who support ModaMama*

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  1. Awww...she is so cute! Love her dress and it really looks great on her. How adorable!


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