Destination Wedding Photographer Wear



The day of the wedding came and I got dressed and ready to rock 'n roll in a simple white tee, and loose Arnhem pants.  I thought this would be the perfect outfit for a twelve hour day of shooting.  Two braids keep the hair out of my way, the hat keeps the sun off my head, and the white tee and loose pants are respectable yet light.

Little did I know how humid it would be!  We all pretty much sweat through our clothes.  And after my pants got wet from the ocean, I decided to suddenly bend down. Now since they were wet, they didn't move with me and split right down the seam!

Thank goodness the lovely Bride, whose hotel room was right next to us, lent me a pair of shorts to rock the rest of the shoot in.  That's all I care about - the shots.  And boy did we get some stellar ones.  I'll be sure to post a link and let you know once they're done and up on my site.

'Cause this couple + this location = photo gold!




Pants - Arnhem  //  Shirt - SheInside  //  Fedora - I forget *old*

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