I Lost a Friend...(An Ode to My Friends)


....a year ago.  She didn't pass, she just decided to stop being friends with me.  I haven't spoken on this site about it at all because there is privacy which I like to retain once in a while. And I'm not really going to speak on it here, except as context.

She was my best friend. She was someone I considered a sister, and her abrupt and complete departure from my life shocked me, betrayed me, and left me with a hole.  Not wanting sympathy here, just giving you context.

Since then.

Since then, I've organically gone outside myself.  The many times I would've spent with her, I have started spending reaching out and getting to know others.  Over the last year and a half, I've forged real and strong relationships with a variety of people.  I've come to know a great many wonderful persons, who each bring something different into my life and who each excite me in a variety of ways.

I write this now, because I realized today that I've been stretched beyond my energy this week.  How have I been stretched?  In the most wonderful of ways. By the beautiful people I know who have reached out to me to spend time together.  And I've realized that there is no longer a hole.  There is only a blessing.  I am blessed to have so many people that make me laugh, that touch my heart, and that accept and love me as I am, and want to spend time with me.

To any of you who've been dancing with me, rehearsed with me, played games with me, or had a drink with me:  Gratitude.  You are not taken for granted. You are appreciated.

"My cup runneth over."





Dress - Arnhem //  Sandals - c/o Easy Spirit  //  Necklace - Fair Trade and made in Bolivia. 

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  1. Certainly in our culture friendship is more malleable than many would like. I sometimes confuse acquaintances with friends and am reminded of the difference when tribulations come.That being said, I doubt you take anything like this lightly and hope that your grieving process (which is what this is) will not be too burdensome.

    1. Thanks. My grieving process is complete now I think. This all happened almost two years ago. It's just more of a realization that the grieving process is over, and the appreciation of the beautiful people in my life now.


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