Dresses, Boots, and Shenanigans


Boots and a dress - other than jeans and a cute top - are a no fail outfit. They go together perfectly. And just like anything else in my life, I don't like things to be too sweet; so, the sweetness of a cute dress is toughened up a little by boots. Not cute little pumps or sweet Mary Janes. But boots.

Boots that look like they can take you places. That recall cowboy boots, or riding boots. Something that looks like they can take you on a multitude of adventures.

Because I may be wearing a pretty dress, but I can roll in a field, or climb a tree, or get into shenanigans at a moments notice.



Dress - ASOS  //  Cardigan - Smart Set  //  Jacket - Spotted Moth  //  Socks - Free People  //  Boots - I forget  //  Sunnies - Lace Affair  //  Necklace - gift from my Babcia

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