Star Wars, Mini skirts, and Toques.



Perhaps not the most logical of things to put together. But despite my love of all things Vulcan *yes, I did reference Star Trek in a Star Wars post, the two can get along, let's move on* logic does not always motivate my actions. Often it's whim, gut, and in the case of fashion, pure whimsy.

I understand dressing appropriately for certain things, job interviews, funerals, etc. etc., but with most daily and non-structured activities I appreciate whimsy and liberty.

Irony, whimsy, fun, playfulness; those are all things belonging to fashion. So when I show up to a casual function in a pretty ruffle dress, or a Star Wars toque and miniskirt, please understand that it's all about having as much fun as possible. In every aspect of life.




Hat and Shirt - c/o Disney and Mercedes Benz  //  Skirt - Zara  //  Boots - Aldo  //  Parka - TNA  //  Socks - FreePeople  //  Sunnies - UO

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