Prepubescent and Awkward


Shirt - hand me down
Deanerys Stormborn Necklace - Etsy
Shoes - ModCloth
Dress - in Coral at Dress911, in Burgundy at ModCloth.

There are days and times I don't know what to say.  Other moments, the quick wit and smart remarks just seem to fall off the tip of my tongue with no effort.  There are days I feel I can conquer the world, and other days where I suddenly feel prepubescent and awkward. 

I had that recently at an audition.  I came in with my same quirky, smart mouthed self and sat next to this Greek goddess with boobs out to here and flowing black hair down to there.  Suddenly, I was that awkward geeky prepubescent girl and it felt like the first day of high school.  

What is it about our own personal insecurities that can cripple us at a moments notice?  Do we ever outgrow them?  I'd like to think so, but moments like these teach me that I still have a lot of growing to do.

True Story:
Baby Girl comes into the kitchen and says something.
I don't understand it so I guess and say it back.
She says, "Nooooooooo!" and repeats the original phrase. 
It takes me a while but I finally figure out what she's saying," Oh, you farted?"
She nods and proceeds to fall apart in a fit of giggles. 
Apparently, farts are hilarious. 

11 thoughts:

  1. Farts ARE hilarious! Love the layering you've got going on here. I need to try that with some of my summery dresses as the temps drop.

  2. I agree farts are always funny-well unless they are your husband's farts after having a beer. Those are not funny.

    Baby/toddler farts are hilarious especially if they are still in diapers and it makes that weird muffled sound.

  3. Farts are always funny, hahaha I love a good fart joke. Ok, i'm also a secret 12 y/o boy.

  4. Cute girl you got there! And I think you've already grown into who you are. Never forget that your personality makes you beautiful, interesting, and even more beautiful on the outside. Big boobs might not have a sense of humor. All beauty and no personality? . Now that's tragic and awkward. Lol

  5. I think I have felt this way many times. haha. You are beautiful and I love your shoes.

  6. I giggled just reading it -- so I know I would've laughed hearing it from my little girl too-- kids are so funny :) Love your dress

  7. Words of wisdom.....farting is always worth the giggles :D

  8. I hear ya! I catch myself feeling that way at times, and can't help but beat up my own insecurities... or at least call them out :)

    Such a CUTE story about your sprout! Farts are popular over here too! #suchlittleladies

    LOVE that dress!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  9. On those days you feel insecure, you have to keep telling yourself, "I can conquer the world. I already have. Oh, yes, I can hear the crowd in the distance cheering me on"...and those of course are your blog followers. ;)
    I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award. Come see it over at

  10. Farts are to hilarious as your dress is to stunning! So I guess farts are pretty hilarious!!

    Love the dress and the fortune cookie wisdom of your baby girl! As for the awkward thing... I think my awkwardness is here to stay forever. And I am okay with it :)

    xoxo Teresa


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