Things To Do At A Bus Stop



Top - H&M  //  Sweater - Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts  //  Cords - Le Chateau  //  Bag - Ruche  //  Boots - Locale  //  Bracelet - F21

When waiting for a bus you can:

a) Check your email, facebook, and twitter.
b) Take outfit photos
c) Have melting snow slowly drip on your head
d) All of the above

Thanks to Android phone apps, I was able to see that I had 15 minutes before my intended bus arrived at the stop.  So, spotting a nearby obliging alley I decided to abandon option 'c' and instead retrieve my mini tripod, to do option 'b.'  That still left me option 'a' with which to kill the last four minutes.

If you were in any of the gazillion cars that witnessed this, I'm not crazy, just a blogger...which is often easily interchangeable.

10 thoughts:

  1. i was just about to ask if there were any people around. i'm always so intimidated to take pictures in front of people. i sometimes just wanna yell: it's for my blog people!!
    that sweater is super cute!

  2. There's nothing like melting snow dripping on your head while waiting for a bus! :) I love this outfit - especially that sweater!

  3. Aw the life of a busy blogging mommy. I've done this before. It's a good time. Love your casual outfit. That sweater is adorable!

  4. there ya go..carrying my favorite bag again.
    love the sweater, too.

  5. Love the cat sweater and your bag is gorgeous!
    Visiting from WIWW.

  6. Very humorous post here my lady. Dang I am ticked I forgot to vote for you. I am going to see if I can again today? right now.

    Great post here, btw, great!!!

  7. I just love the Kitty face sweater.... to be honest I wonder how you mange to take photos exactly suits your outfits? Lol.....

  8. New Follower! Found you through the I Love My Post Linkup! When you have time, come visit at and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy New Year!

  9. I love this outfit, especially the top. You look gorgeous.

    Janine xx

  10. Oh jeeze... MUST. OWN. THAT. BAG.
    Loving your site.... newest fan/follower.

    I too am doing all I can to get into the TOP 25 Fashion & Beauty Mama's of 2013. You are standing pretty safe with one of the TOP SPOTS, so congrats to you. Would love to have you over to my place, see where I call home.



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